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Moisture Detection

In recent years, many leaky home and shoddy construction scandals have come to light. Don't fall victim to these and make sure the property you are about to purchase is well built and structurally sound. We have many detection methods at our disposal depending on the scope of the job. To see for yourself what you should be on the lookout for, check out the independant consumer guide regarding leaky homes here.

Avoid buying a leaky, damp house. We have many moisture detection methods at our disposal depending on the scope of the project to help you avoid making a bad decision.


  • Infrared Technology
  • Non Invasive Methods
  • Invasive methods where required

Other Services

Pre Purchase Inspection

Look before you leap! Get a comprehensive pre purchase inspection for your next real estate purchase - residential or domestic

Pre Sale Inspection

Have your property thoroughly inspected before you go to sell and get a clear summary of the issues related to the building so there are no surprises when the buyer gets a report done.

Meth Detection

Make sure you're not buying an ex meth lab when you buy your next property. The residue can be hazardous to health and can require a complete and expensive renovation.

Pest Detection

Save yourself from buying a termite or vermon ridden property. We use both invasive and non-invasive techniques to detect infestations so you can rest easy.

Building Inspections

We inspect building for their structural integrity and can steer your away from leaky buildings, shoddy workmanship and other pitfalls on the way to your dream property.

Moisture Detection

Avoid buying a leaky home! Using modern, non invasive methods such as thermal imaging, we can save you from getting a nasty surprise on a rainy day.