Frequently Asked Questions

Get Comprehensive Building Inspection Reports

Questions we often get asked:

Do I need a pre purchase Inspection?
Yes most definitely, for the cost of a report you could save thousands in hidden costs and even 100’s of thousands in some cases.
Do Kiwi House Inspections carry out repairs?
No we don’t. We are 100% unbiased with regard the report, so carrying out repairs we see as a conflict of interest.

But we will recommend trades companies that you can trust to carry out any repairs or maintenance.
Can we discuss the report once it’s completed?
Yes, we welcome all questions and clarifications you may need. After the inspection, all of our consultants will ensure you are comfortable with the information and therefore your decision.
What if there is a problem or a number of problems?
We can either advise you what to do or refer you to the appropriate trades to quote on the work required, or its simply time to walk away from the Dwelling.
Is the report easy to understand?
Yes, extremely easy. We have removed the hard-to-understand technical information, and put it into plain English so anyone can understand them. But we still discuss and work through any questions you may have to ensure you are at ease with the information provided.
Does the report have photos?
Yes, along with an in-depth explanation of each area of the dwelling, ensuring you can see what we are talking about.
Is your report a Tick Box system?
NO, far from it. We supply an informative report explaining all areas of the dwelling current condition and possible maintenance required. Tick box system doesn’t give you that sort of quality information.